Artwork was the original product that began Atlanta Design Group (ADG), originating more than 40 years ago. ADG started manufacturing artwork in 1976 under the brand name International Arts. Today the art program is now known as Patrick Allen Art Collection serving the design and builder trades with ready-made framed and custom artwork. In 40 years, artwork has gone through many transformations. Technology has expanded artwork into a range of print and display possibilities that are endless.

Patrick Allen Art Collection doesn’t only offer custom artwork. Our gallery showcases a large collection of pre-framed art that can be purchased “as is” off the wall. This is great for those quick turnaround jobs that don’t always have the flexibility or time to have custom art made. You can also check out pieces on approval if needed.

Patrick Allen Art Collection is made-up of ready-made framed and custom artwork all designed by our in-house Art Designer, Shawn Leary, and is manufactured locally at our headquarters in Norcross, GA.

“My Ambition as an Art Designer is to bridge beautiful design with affordable pricing mixing innovative design with unusual substrates… all while encompassing today’s technological advances in artwork and at affordable wholesale costing to you – our customer.”

– Shawn Leary.

Beautiful artwork is our passion…quality is our mission…. exceeding client’s expectations is your benefit!

Patrick Allen Art Collection is a Brand of Atlanta Design Group

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Design Center

Patrick Allen’s Design Center is located at our headquarters in Norcross, GA which contains thousands of prints, mouldings and mat options to fit any design palette or budget. Patrick Allen has teamed up with leading US publishers and moulding companies to provide you with an endless selection of material to pull from. Our in-house art designers can assist with the final design or give tips on different techniques that can be used to enhance your artwork. This is especially important when you want to customize your work with enhanced matting and framing techniques without exceeding your budget.

Patrick Allen also has the capability of printing proprietary imagery on multiple substrates at practically any size with the added ability to also make color changes as needed. This provides our clients with flexibility in their design to help create that unique one-of-a-kind product or look. For more details on our capabilities please see the Capabilities section below.

Custom Artwork

ready-made framed and custom artwork


Select from a vast image library of prints, giclées and hand-colored pieces to match any style.

ready-made framed and custom artwork


Design from endless matboard options that will match your art perfectly.

ready-made framed and custom artwork


Choose from over 2500 frame options with all different styles, colors, and materials.

ready-made framed and custom artwork


After you have designed your art, our team will manufacture your pieces in-house for a fast turnaround.



What sets Patrick Allen Art Collection apart from our competitors is our “can-do” attitude and our vast capabilities to provide our clients with the most sophisticated artwork available in today’s market.

Our In-House State-of-the Art Manufacturing facility located in Norcross allows our in-house Art Designers to control cost, quality and ensure on-time delivery. Having our own manufacturing plant allows us to manage every segment of the art development process from start to finish. Combined with our artistic and curatorial talent, having our own custom art house is an important part of what makes Patrick Allen Art Collection unique.

We Can Print That!

We can create dynamic artwork with scope and style for your site-specific needs with our Printing-On-Demand (POD) capabilities. Created especially with Designers, Architects, and Corporate entities in mind we are able to customize artwork to your substrate, color and size specifications.

The days when fine art only came in one or two sizes are gone! When size matters we can print images to almost any size you need.

Patrick Allen is dedicated to offering high quality printing on the newest substrates:


Printing On Surfaces

ready-made framed and custom artwork


The Classic Canvas. Canvas gives artwork a fine art quality and the various wrapping options gives you the freedom to select how you want to experience your artwork. Canvas wrapped images can be hung as a Gallery Wrap with no frame or mounted into a floater frame.

ready-made framed and custom artwork


Edgy and Modern. Printed on 1/8” brushed aluminum the metallic reflection glimmers through the ink whenever white is present in the image. For added effect, add a plain metal border around the image. Our aluminum is lightweight and will not warp. It is also completely waterproof. Metal artwork can be hung using floating bars mounted to the back of the artwork or by stand-offs for a more edgy-industrial look.

ready-made framed and custom artwork

Acrylic or Clear Glass

Glamor and Sophistication. Have your image printed directly on the reverse side of a ¼” – 3/8” clear acrylic sheet or Glass. Maximize the coverage by printing the image full-bleed all around or add a clear border to the image to accentuate the substrate. Acrylic is light-weight and impact-resistant. All edges are polished for a clean look. Hang with either stand-offs or with floater bars allowing the image to float approximately 1” off the wall.

ready-made framed and custom artwork


Rustic. The natural wood substrate gives artwork a rustic feel. The knots in the wood make every piece unique. The whiter the image the more wood that shows through. Hang with either stand-offs or mount in your favorite moulding.

ready-made framed and custom artwork


Our paper is 100% cotton fiber, acid-free, strong and dimensionally stable; perfect for a luxurious, textured fine art reproduction.

FasTrack Program

ADG understands the importance of deadlines. We also know that sometimes things happen in the field that create the need for last minute artwork. ADG has worked closely with its suppliers to develop our unique FasTrack Program. The FasTrack Program allows you to have custom artwork produced and available for pick-up or shipping within three (3) days. All you need to do is select your image from our vast in-house print collections, choose your matting & framing from our in-stock supply and just leave the rest to us … It is that simple!

Need it sooner than 3 days? You can make selections from our pre-made framed art line that is showcased in our gallery and is ready for immediate purchase thru our cash and carry program. We can also have your artwork shipped for you if needed.

ready-made framed and custom artwork

Delivery & Installation

Need us to install or ship your artwork for you- No Problem!

Our in-house installation company, TriMarc Installation, can schedule your artwork to be installed by one of our professional installers locally or out-of-state. By using our in-house installation team your installation rates are discounted. Call ADG Customer Service for rates and availability.

We can also ship your artwork through our national carrier network. ADG has extensive knowledge of how to prepare artwork for shipping which has allowed us to have less than a half percent damage on all product shipped.

Additional Products & Services

Keep in mind that all of the following products can be made for customer pickup as well as getting picked and shipped to any final destination as we have a full shipping and receiving department. Our installation company, Trimarc, can also assist you with installing any of the above products. Give us a call for more information regarding any of these products or services.

ready-made framed and custom artwork

Design Boards

We can assist with the design layout and completion of your design boards as we have all the proper tools in-house for cutting and mounting of all your materials.

ready-made framed and custom artwork

Bulletin Boards

We can frame any of your Bulletin board’s whether they are whiteboards, chalkboards, or cork boards. We can even work with you on framing glass board with standard framing or standoffs for a more contemporary look. Need a more custom sized board? No problem, as we can order any of the above boards for you in your custom size if needed.

Antique Mirror

For those jobs that require a little more depth to the mirror, we also offer a multiple of different designs for antique mirror applications. This is a great look for someone needing a more artistic look as we have 9 different Antique mirrors to choose from that can be custom sized to fit your needs. You can also use Antique mirror as accent pieces to highlight within judges panels, kitchen cabinets, ceiling tiles, or any other application that you can possibly think of.

ready-made framed and custom artwork

Framed Mirrors

Atlanta Design Group provides a full turn-key solution for local builders, project managers, and homeowners by measuring and installing your custom Framed Mirror jobs. If your project is out of state, we can crate your custom Framed Mirrors and ship it to your job site directly for easy installation.

ready-made framed and custom artwork

Mirror Wraps

Transform Your Plain Mirror Into an Elegant Focal Point!

Mirror Wraps™ Framed Solutions are easy to install, and they transform that large plain mirror in the bathroom into an elegant focal point. Each Mirror Wrap frame is custom-made to fit directly onto an existing mirror.

  • Custom Made for your application
  • Diverse selection to fit any style
  • No construction… No mess!
  • Fully Assembled or Kitted
  • Quick Turnaround
  • Easy to install!
  • Affordable

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